Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Full Days of October

I thought I was such a terrible blogger last month, and I actually wrote twice. I've somehow missed over three weeks of October without a word. In my free time, besides that of the athletic variety, I have actually read a book, and not just Giraffes Can't Dance, although I really recommend that one. Hunter likes to skip naps many days of the week now, and usually I'm pretty tired by the time he goes to bed. I have slowly come to realize over the past two and a half years that most children are not quite as demanding of their parents' attention as mine is. Whew! But he has things to learn! Lately he wants to know what every word starts with and how to write the letters. And how to draw Minnie Mouse.

For some reason I can't stop doing my own art projects in my free time, including the painting that has been a slow work in progress for like six months now. I call it my disasterpiece, because really, it's terrible. I like a few tiny sections of it enough that I'm not willing to paint over the whole thing in white just to save the $20 I spent on the canvas. That, plus I've spent a lot of broken up hours on it. Now the canvas just sits in the office while I alternate ignoring it and looking at it in every conceivable light.

As for the "athletic" free time, I was doing pretty well with getting it in when I had a nasty cough hit me and make me take three full days off from exercise. For normal people, I imagine husbands are proud of their wives for exercising three days in a row. My husband was proud of me for taking them off.

It finally occurred to me that the last time I'd had a lot of right SI joint pain, I would go to the chiropractor in New Mexico who I started seeing to help me try to turn Hunter vertex. Not wanting to go through with any hip scopes right now, I decided to find a chiropractor here who would do something similar. I have to say, while I appreciate the aligning he does, I'm no so into the "spinal scans" and "heart rate test" that tells him that I don't have enough HR variability, and that my system is too sympathetically inclined right now. I cannot figure out how sitting still with my finger on a metal plate for 5 minutes is going to tell him any of that information. Just crack my back and send me along.

I converted to some Hoka Bondis about 150 miles ago, and they are doing great. I figured I needed all the gentleness I could get for my hips, while I still  pound away at them every few days. It's funny, I think my legs have always known that minimalist shoes just weren't right for them. I never got into the minimalist movement, because runs were just more painful in less cushioned shoes. Now I realize that it must be due to the impact. Smart body. If just my brain would catch up.

Unfortunately the brain seems to be going the other way. Just this week I was cooking some peaches on the stove one evening and completely forgot about them. The next morning when I saw charred remains in the fridge it took me standing there a few minutes to realize what it was. Thank goodness Jeremy saw the flame going when he turned out the kitchen lights before bed!

Now that the toddler is asleep,  it's time for me to go prop my feet up or get some much needed sleep.

Toddlers need to prop their feet up sometimes too.