Friday, November 21, 2014

The completely off season

I must have a button somewhere that switches me from in season to off season that was accidentally pressed. Ages ago, before I knew what exactly my hip problems were, I signed up for a half marathon. Five weeks out, it was time to add some mileage and get the hips accustomed to longer stuff again before completely surprising them with a race. I had a decent 10-miler, and then within 3 days, my off switch was turned. I have mentally DNSed the race already with 2 weeks to go.

I am a bit impressed with my ability to do so little exercise and not be completely crazy about it. Winter seems to do that to me anyway, just not always to such an extreme. Oh winter, you're not even here yet and I'm ready for you to be gone. I'm missing the sun being up after 5pm, the flowers that were suddenly killed by the freeze, oh, and warmth. How can 70F inside feel so different between winter and summer?

My gym will probably be attended more frequently soon. By me. I have started my own little hip rehab in the form of barre class. I may the last person on earth to try it, since I'm rather slow to embrace fitness trends. The class seemed not particularly difficult, but the tightness in my little stabilizing hip muscles for the following three days told me it was working! I'm really excited to see if this, finally, is the key to fewer troubles. 

If the pool at this gym could manage to keep their air temperature above the outside temperature, I may get back into it. But convincing myself to jump into water when I'm shivering already isn't an easy task. 

One success so far this cold fall is that the toddler happily wears a jacket outside! It's a miracle. But don't dare suggest a hat or gloves. We will just be trying to keep our little fingers warm by the electric space heater in the garage for now. 

Somebody still gets his mileage in. With a passenger on board too!