Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ethelyn Style Adventures

My family and I have had a really tough week and a half. We lost the greatest person of all time, Ethelyn, my great aunt. Although she had a long 94 and a half years, we could've spent another 94 and a half with her and it still wouldn't have been enough. She's the person I would tell extraordinary stories about to others  and they always say, "I have a grandmother/aunt/cousin-once-removed just like that!" No you don't. There is just nobody like her, I promise. 

We decided to celebrate her best, we would have adventures at her house, around her town, and on her farm, just like she would've and has taken us on many times. 

I can't put into words much else, still, but I can show pictures, and I can link to a post I wrote about her years ago, here, for her birthday. You also need to read Jenny's letter she sent to Ethelyn a few years ago that really tells of our adventures.

At her house, we used to climb this fig tree (and overeat figs), swing for hours in the swing, dig and plant, and climb trees. 

She taught us a hide and seek type game, called Arrow, which lead us around town and running through alleys, all the way to parks and playgrounds. 

We spent hours in the farm, hiking and fishing and getting stuck in the mud driving her car. 


We made up our own games, which on this day turned out to be a game of tag on a huge cluster of hay rolls. Everyone got on, except Mom, Dad, Jeremy, and Josie. And I won, probably. 



I read somewhere that Heaven is just the next big adventure, so I know Ethelyn is off having her greatest adventure yet. We will keep adventuring here on earth for her for now.