Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Wonderful Time of the Year

Instead of snow, we have been having warm, sunny days, but that makes this time of year all the better to me. Have I mentioned I love warmth? I do hope for some snow this year for Hunter's sake, and I trust we will have at least a little. The daylight hours are getting longer starting today, and even though we have not partaken in much outdoor activity this afternoon, I appreciate the sun streaming into my house and brightening around the twinkling Christmas tree and mantel lights. 

This time of year with little ones is so much fun, dutifully dressing them in red and taking them to see Santa. We happened upon him one afternoon after visiting Heifer and their animals downtown, so we of course popped in to get a picture. There was no way Hunter was sitting on some strange heavily bearded man's lap, so I did. He told me to. He was older than Christmas, and he kept asking Hunter questions that went completely unacknowledged, but that beard that Josie tried to grab was 100% real.

Getting a picture for our Christmas card was another event that went really really well. Hunter did agreeably help me test out the lighting, and I caught some great faces in the process.

And then somewhere along the way we had a meltdown ("we" being an accurate pronoun here). But those sweet faces! I love all the pictures.
Cookie baking has taken place more than once, since we are all sugar-addicted these days. There may even be a roll of dough sitting in the fridge now. I used to make the dough myself, and then I just realized that no, I'm not going to that trouble anymore when pillsbury does such an excellent, cheap, and delicious job of it.


This Josie baby would love more than anything to get her hands on some of that dough, or any food, or any object set in front of her, really. She does a lightening speed quick swipe these days, with those great reflexes and high motivation. I'm surprised more things aren't eaten and broken in our house, especially when she rides facing forward in the Ergo. She also loves to get those sticky little hands into her big brother's hair, all tangled and intertwined. He doesn't mind too much, and can actually act very sweet and loving to her in between swinging her too fast in the jumper seat, spinning her in the staycation exersaucer, kissing licking her fat cheeks, and tickling her just a touch too hard. It really is hard to resist those cheeks, so I don't blame him.

Don't be fooled. He's licking her.

Who wouldn't adore this little guy back? He's a feisty little thing, or make that, feisty, big, strong, quickly growing thing, addicted to the latest: The Axel Show. I should have him do pushups while watching or something. But he needs his chill time too.


And this look on Josie's face, just for Hunter. That shows the adoration right there. Her very favorite person!

 Merry Christmas and Happy 2016!