Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sewing and shaving and cutting

There are finally some answers to my hip pain. Not the best answers, but answers nonetheless, as well as some direction for putting me back together. I was hoping for something like a pelvic stress fracture, since that is relatively simple to fix. Instead it is what I figured: a labrum tear. It took an MRI with an arthrogram to finally diagnose it, the scheduling of which was a test of my patience in itself. The surgeon's waiting room proved to be another. Sweet Josie came with me, slept only 15 minutes of the 2 hours and 20 minutes of waiting time, and charmed all the other patients in the meantime.

A new example of my extreme mind control was the near syncope I experienced after they stuck that 3 foot long needle into my joint for the arthrogram. I can only imagine how quickly I would've blacked out if I had actually looked at the needle or the piercing of my skin with it. They told me too much about it as it was.

Anyway, surgery is scheduled for the end of March to repair my labrum, shave the cam, which causes the impingement, from my femur, and possibly do a psoas tendon release. However, since I am such an expert in the field (said with plenty of sarcasm), I am really hesitant about this cutting of an essential muscle's tendon. In my limited research, I have found that people who have the tendency toward borderline dysplasia, such as myself, tend to NEED that tight tendon to keep everything where it should be. In my next appointment (I almost cried when the woman told me I had to come back) I plan to dissuade the doctor from cutting any tendons.

The whole post-op recovery done from the bed, wheelchair, walker, crutches, or rolling plant stand, as the case may be, is much scarier to me than going under general anesthesia again or having someone messing around inside a crucial joint while that joint is completely distracted. I will  have a 4-year-old and an 8-month-old by then, and it usually takes all of my limbs to care for them on a daily basis. The pain medication may have me not worrying about it as much, but I can't start that until after surgery.

But as Josie seems to say, let's get this show on the road, and start recovering. We may be learning to walk at the same time in a few weeks.