Monday, May 16, 2016

May Days

In the last 4.5 weeks I've gone from a wheeling whiz, maneuvering master of the big chair, to crutching champ, and now to hobbling hipster. I've learned of all the tight spaces in the house, the worst of which is the hall to the kids' room, which helped me hone my reverse wheeling skills. Around the kitchen island is a one-way route. If you pass what you need, you gotta go around again ("Look kids! Big Ben, Parliament...")

I've garnered sympathy from my sweet family (I think), as well as gym enthusiasts who hold those heavy doors for me, Target patrons who were warned by a loud beep of my backing-up (and bumping around) presence, food truck festival goers who helped with food handling, and brunch eaters, who steered clear of my toe-smushing crutches.

In other big news, I shaved (most of) my legs. My number one goal of walking before Josie has just barely been accomplished, and she actually looks at me again after weeks of being Fed. Up. Hunter is probably the most surprisingly helpful. He likes having a job to do.

And since pictures are worth a thousand words, the following will fill in the details.

The hair. I'm loving the baby girl hair.

I heard her gritting her teeth and realized that one can only grit teeth when they have uppers and lowers! That's how I discovered the one top tooth. 5 total!

I love him but, ug! Hands off the neck, big brother.

One of the THREE food truck festivals of the last month.

Another food truck festival. It's a way to avoid cooking.

"Mommy, let me tell you something" is followed by loud whispers! I love it.

The cousins used an entire bottle of dish soap and the hose to create the MOST exciting trampoline jumping experience possible. And they were really dirty before. So, win, win.

Silas, I think you're going to be my best friend, so let me show you my shutter closing trick. 

I just think she's beautiful. :)

Happy to be sitting in the brace's Mommy's lap? No, she just wants Daddy. Poor brace.

After Mother's Day brunch. Before food poisoning kicked in. Did I mention that?

Sweet Hunter. He picks me any flower of my choice from the yard. 

Headed to the latest food truck festival, burning some calories before. I drove my handicapped self. 

Musical girl just wants to play the piano and dance. 

She also wants to learn all about the ipad. She has the button pushing down.

My Target just needs some wine. And cart cupholders.