Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Fever

Right around March 13, which was not only Hunter's birthday, but also the beginning of Daylight Savings Time this year, spring fever hit me. We celebrated having our sweet Hunter 4 years with a party, cake, balloons, and lots of trucks. He requested a similar cake to last year's, but with a racecar track to give me a new challenge. I'll warn you of all the pictures I'm about to post.


Next up: flowers. The daffodils on Wye mountain are becoming another annual late-March tradition, but they bloomed early this year. We went just after DST during the week when it was cool and sunny and as beautiful as ever.

I had a bit of a nesting-like frenzy come over me for the couple of weeks leading up to my scheduled surgery. Planting the garden was top on my list, since I knew there wouldn't be any bending past 90 degrees for a while, which makes yard work a bit difficult. We got a few things done, but then I went back to my first sports medicine doctor who originally thought I had a labrum tear. He was worried about my orthopedic surgeon potentially cutting my psoas, since someone with any dysplasia would have a bad outcome from compromising that muscle which provides needed stability. Then he mentioned the name of a surgeon in town who he believes to be really good at this particular surgery, who happened to also be someone Jeremy went to medical school with. Had it been any other random surgeon in town that I had or had not heard of, I would have gone ahead with the schedule. But hearing his name made me stop and reconsider, and ultimately we cancelled surgery with the original surgeon and are planning to schedule with the new one as soon as we can. Hopefully this won't push it back too many weeks, and I will be at least weight bearing by the time the neighborhood pool opens. I'm remembering the important things here.

The new surgeon took a quick look at my MRI arthrogram and said that my labrum looks pretty chewed up, and there is a section which is hypertrophic, most likely due to my slight dysplasia. Like the first doc said, I have probably had a tear in it for a while; most athletic women my age do, but most tears don't cause pain. I probably made it worse over time, especially in this last pregnancy when everything hurt so much. The signs of calcification around my pubic symphysis in the X-ray may tell me why my pelvis hurt so badly as well.  

Hunter keeps referencing time based on whether I will have had my surgery yet. It's really cute, and he is even dreaming about it. He told me his dream a few nights ago: "You had already had your surgery and you drove your wheelchair into a huge hole where there were dinosaurs but Milky (the cat) was with you and the dinosaurs were scared of him so they ran away." It is a big spring for all of us.

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