Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The summer of no triathlon

It's not too late for me to change my mind, which I am inclined to do now and then. But I have mostly decided that the 20 year streak will end this year with zero triathlons completed. I can run, I can ride my bike, and I'm assuming I can still swim, but the desire to go out and just complete a slow race still eludes me. It isn't the end of the tri career, but I am not going to go out and putter through just to say I did it.

The summer is going too quickly anyway. We spend a lot of time swimming. Again, Hunter has taught us that if we just leave him alone, he will figure things out. Like swimming. And math, and all kinds of random things that keep me asking, "where did you learn that?" It just goes to show you don't have to "potty train" or take "swimming lessons." Along the lines of some of my significant life choices, if you just let things be, they can usually work themselves out.

A lot of the past month has been traveling; we went back to New Mexico, Santa Fe in particular, for the first time since moving to LR. The air was so clear, crisp, and thin. Over 7000' of elevation, to which I am completely not acclimated anymore. The friends were just like I last left them: wonderful, entertaining, and fun. The scenery and hiking were gorgeous, and the latter was a bit different than when we used to run alone, just Jeremy and me. But much more exciting.

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In mid-July we set sail on a Disney cruise to the Bahamas, which was an exciting, beautiful, activity-filled trip that didn't stop when we disembarked. We went on to the Magic Kingdom for a couple of days to finish tiring us out completely.


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It was all kind of perfect for us, and I hope it filled the little ones with lots of great memories of adventure.


I did do a 5K at Castaway Cay. It consisted of half an hour of staging, a half mile walk to the start with the group, half a dozen people sprinting off the start line, and about 3 men beating my 8 minute mile pace. I had no one around, little motivation, and plenty of humidity. Glad I did it.

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Now here we are in August, starting to think about the upcoming school year. This time, I'm actually excited about the school year. We are doing things a little differently than most for the start of Kindergarten. And I think it'll be perfect for Hunter. To be continued...

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